• Field Rules

    Last updated: January, 04 2024.

    Terms & Conditions.

    If you are a Dog Walker, Dog Trainer etc, please ensure you have your own Public Liability Insurance.


    1.1. These terms and conditions govern the use of The Bark Park, a secure dog exercise field.

    1.2. By using The Bark Park, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

    1.3. If users are found continuously not adhering to the field rules/Terms and Conditions, they will unfortunately be barred.

    1.4. The Bark Park has permission to send email reminders containing the gate code and any relevant information about your booking.

    1.5. By paying to use The Bark Park – Secure Dog Field, you acknowledge that you agree to the field rules and Terms and Conditions.

    1.6. We may update these Terms and Conditions to reflect changes in our services or how we do business – for example when we add new services or update our pricing. Any variations so made should be deemed to be incorporated in these conditions.​​

    1.7. If it turns out that a particular term is not valid or enforceable, this will not affect any other terms.

    1.8. The Bark Park reserve the right to alter the pricing structure for use of the field without notice.

    Use of The Bark Park

    2.1. The Bark Park is available for use by individuals who have booked and paid for access to the field.

    2.2. Users must not arrive before the start time of their scheduled booking and must vacate the field 5 minutes before the end of their booking. This minimises traffic and dog interaction. These fields are mainly used by nervous and/or reactive dogs so please be mindful of this rule in particular.

    2.3. Users must keep their dogs on a leash when entering and exiting The Bark Park.

    2.4. Users must clean up after their dogs and dispose of any dog waste in the provided bins. No bins are provide for general waste, you must take any rubbish away with you. There are no toilets on site.

    2.5. Smoking, vaping, BBQ’s or fires are not permitted inside The Bark Park or car parking area.

    2.6. The booking is personal to the Hirer and may not be transferred or sublet.

    2.7. The Hirer shall ensure that noise nuisance is kept to an acceptable level while using the field.

    2.8. Users must ensure the field gates are closed/locked behind them whether entering or exiting the field and whether there is someone waiting to use the field. This is important and ensures everyone has booked a slot and is aware of their access code.

    2.9. All dog toys in the toy box are the property of The Bark Park and must not be removed from the field. Any equipment in the field is used at your own risk.

    Public Liability Insurance

    3.1. The Bark Park has public liability insurance, which covers users in the event of injury or death.

    3.2. Users are responsible for any damage caused by their dogs, and must report any incidents to The Bark Park immediately.

    3.3. Any damage to personal property, including dogs, is at your own risk. The Bark Park does not accept any liability for damage or loss of property.

    3.4. The site is a field, and the surface could be uneven, muddy and/or wet under foot so please take care.

    3.5. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children are not permitted to climb on or play on anything in the field including but not limited to, tyre stacks, benches, tyre tunnel, log jump etc. The field is for dogs not a play ground for children.

    3.6. CCTV is in operation inside the field. The purpose of CCTV monitoring in the field is to deter crime, assist in providing protection to people and property, assist in overall security and safety and increase the likelihood of identification of person(s) who may breach The Bark Park policies and/or commit criminal activities.


    4.1. If your dog has been immediately unwell in any way before, during or after using the field, or is suffering from a virus (e.g., kennel cough,) please inform The Bark Park as soon as possible.

    4.2. We operate on a ‘Scoop Your Own Poop’ policy. Please clear up after your dog using the poo bin provided near the gates. If you see any dog poo, that isn’t yours, please pick it up and report to enquiries@thebarkparkbicester.co.uk

    4.3. Users must ensure their dogs are up to date with all vaccinations before using The Bark Park


    5.1. The Bark Park does not offer cancellations however, you can reschedule 24 hours before your booking by clicking the link to the Customer Panel in your confirmation email or by contacting enquiries@thebarkparkbicester.co.uk

    5.2. We do not offer refunds under any circumstances – please email us at enquiries@thebarkparkbicester.co.uk should you wish to discuss this further.

    5.3. We do not offer cancellations in the form of refunds or rescheduling due to mud/water in the field as a result of wet weather unless under extreme weather circumstances and at the discretion of The Bark Park.


    6.1. Holes or other damage to the fence may occur from time to time due to a number of reasons including digging by dogs or other animals, falling trees or branches and general wear and tear. If you become aware of any issue with the fence, please let us know immediately so that we can make other users aware and so that we can fix it as soon as possible. We cannot however, take any responsibility for any dog escaping the field whether or not this is through a defect in the fence, and regardless of whether we have notified you in advance or not.


    7.1. The site is fully fenced up to 6ft however, if your dog is a tunneller or high jumper, we cannot guarantee that they will not escape. Please discourage your dogs from digging at all times and please report and fill in any holes your dog’s make. You’re responsible for ensuring the field is suitable for your dog before allowing them off lead.

    Exempt Dog Breeds

    8.1. Dog breeds that are banned under the Dangerous Dog Act may use the Bark Park off lead and unmuzzled providing all of the conditions specified by the Government are met:

    -Registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs (IED)

    -Insured for Third Party Public Liability​

    -Neutered in line with Government rules

    • In addition, the gate MUST be padlocked from the inside and the dog must only be off lead and unmuzzled when the gate is closed and locked.
    • Multiple dogs can use the paddock together, but must all be from the same household.