• The Field

    We take pride in providing a natural, unmanicured environment for your dog to explore. Unlike many other dog walking fields, we believe that a more natural setting is more enjoyable and exciting for dogs. We have intentionally left some areas of our field slightly overgrown, providing plenty of new sights and smells for your dog to discover.

    Being a field, we are not immune to the elements so our field does get wet and muddy during the winter and wetter months. We suggest bringing a towel.. or two and wellies for you!

    We have a tyre stack, tunnels and a log jump. There’s also some herbs hidden around the field for extra scent work in the spring/summer months.

    A toy box is available which includes a range of dog toys and footballs. All we ask is that everything is put back in the box when you leave and any broken toys taken away with you and disposed of.

    There is plenty of natural shade inside our wooded area, an outdoor picnic bench and a dog water bowl (but please bring your own water)

    We have a dog waste bin by the gate. Please use this upon exiting and help us all keep the field clean for the next users!

    We have a medium sized parking area away from the road to make loading and unloading your dogs easier and safer – Please drive carefully and respectfully in and out of the area.